The memory of touch
The memory of the Earth

VESTIGE is a performance to be created with amateurs in specific geological site in South-East France. Starting in Spring 2023

This work follows two previous collaborations with photographer and dancer Laurent Ziegler (Vienna, Austria) : JUBILEE and Laurent's photography project CLOSENESS


A Short Dance Film

Two human beings looking for an encounter
Two intertwined bodies tasting their secret bind
Two lonely dreams under the spell of desire and anger

Original idea : Hélène Marcelle // Choreography : Hélène Marcelle & Laurent Ziegler // Directing : Julien Marcelle // Camera : Arthur Ancion & Simon Pacoret // Music : Loic Lefol // Color grading : Arthur Ancion, Brussels 2019


Dance performance

I am great. I am broken. My genius has been stolen.
So I live here, in this cell. Doctors are good with me. 
Who can dig the beauty of perpetual movement?
Who can watch the stars as I do?
No one, except me Heinrich Anton Muller, the Inventor.

Muller #3 is a tryptical work about life and death of one
of the leading figures of Raw Art. Embodied in a female body and transposed in a dance and musical piece, Muller#3 has been commissioned for and performed at the Brussels'museum for outsider art Art et Marges musée.

Directed and written by Hélène Marcelle // Performers : Hélène Marcelle, Jérôme Porsperger, Marion Fougeret // Music : Sabri Meddeb // Recorded and edited  by Julien Marcelle