Dive into your own fluidity. Fly through space. Let the body weight pouring up and down along your bones.Touch and be touched. Dance and be danced.

May it be a solo, a duet, a trio... Dance  first starts with the feeling of gravity.

Progressive, sensitive and spicy teachings will bring each dancer, from all horizons and levels, few steps beyond the known.

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Collective and individual explorations in studio or open spaces are the places for experiencing the art of scoring and improvising.

I like keeping recordings and notes from these experiences, may they be classes, workshops or artistic meetings.

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VESTIGES is a dance performance project to be shown in Spring 2021. This work follonws previous experiences with Dance photographer Laurent Ziegler, in continuation with Jubilee and our learnings from our collaboration on Laurent's project, CLOSENESS. In these times of social and sanitary distances, VESTIGES appears to be a mourning process: What do we still count on? What remains of us?

JUBILEE is a dance film, opening up a serie of kinesthetic pieces for screen and video installations. 

MULLER #3 is a three chapters performance on Heinrich Anton Muller's life and death.

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